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Examples / Achievements

Myanmar Examples

Establishment of Vocational Training School

Collaborated with Myanmar Social Welfare Ministry to establish KAIGO vocational training school

We will establish a vocational training school in cooperation with the Department of Social Welfare, which plans welfare policies for the elderly in Myanmar. Almost 70 to 75 elderly people are currently living at the day care centers. By doing vocational training at the daycare center, you can practice KAIGO work while actually having the feeling of supporting elderly people. Not only do we produce a professional KAIGO through vocational training but also become a source for KAIGO human resources production and service provision.

Create A New Future Through Vocational Training

In Myanmar, which still has big disparity due to political factors, vocational training is required to eliminate poverty through employment creation and it will be a major pillar for acquiring skills of KAIGO for international cooperation. Students who completed vocational training in Myanmar will be able to work not only in Myanmar but also in Japan and Singapore. They will be able to start they own career through vocational training.

Vocational Training in The Tourism Field will also be planned in the future

Myanmar Polestar DMC & Event Management, our invested company, has been good at inbound tour operations. In order to communicate the merits of Myanmar with abundant tourism resources not only from the company but also from all tourist companies, we must improve the service quality. Japan, which will hold the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020, is a country that has the most powerful tourism industry in the world. We aim to create new employment by relocating Japan's high service spirit represented by hospitality to Myanmar.

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