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Developing Internationally Competitive Talents

From Myanmar to the world.

Let’s world "KAIGO"

Myanmar is said to have a history from before the 10th century

There are many godly Devout Buddhists since the ancient times, and virtuous cultures rooted in the country.

Kaigo (nursing care) that is exactly the work that supports people

We aim to create a society where everyone can live with peace of mind. From Myanmar, we will cultivate care workers who can work internationally.

 Japan Business

Human Resource Development Business

We will utilize the foreign internship training system and develop human resources worldwide in Japan starting from Myanmar. We are building not only high-quality skill transfer based on years of know-how education but also a support system for the life of interns.

Temporary staffing business

We will introduce foreign talented persons with high care-giving skills according to the needs of various medical institutions and nursing care facilities in Japan. We also provide advice on the utilization of overseas human resources to host companies.

Support for overseas expansion

Myanmar, which was named "Asia's Frontier" and has been remarkable in its development. With our know-how, we will support Myanmar business expansion from the field of inspection/investigation, investment, personnel side.

 Myanmar Business

Caregiver Training Business

In Myanmar, the shortage of medical personnel is getting worse. Utilizing know-how of KAIGO in Japan, we are promoting the training of medical assistance personnel called care giver.

Consulting business

With Japanese staffs and Japanese speaker Myanmar staffs, we provide consultation about human resource utilization for Japanese corporations, hospitals, private caregiver training schools, etc. which expanded business to Myanmar.


Lead the world welfare from Myanmar.

We are aiming to solve aging problems that are getting worse around the world such as Japan, Singapore and Thailand.

Our vision

Introduction of our efforts.

We will introduce examples and achievements of our establishment mainly in Myanmar, such as setting up vocational training schools and accepting internships.

Case / Achievements

About Myanmar

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