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Temporary staffing business

We will support the employment place when the workers stay in Japan, so that talented workers who have finished internship can start their career all over the world. Besides Myanmar and Japan, we also have a subsidiary company in Singapore, and we have a system that could provide the path for interns to stay active in every country around the world depends on their wishes.

We create a path for graduated technical interns while offering work place in all around the world

We believe the regulation of internship program is a means for realizing their dreams. After the interns finished practical training, we will prepare the places where they can apply that high skill technology. Hospitals in Myanmar, temporary staffing as a home case, employment in Singapore, etc., Polestar KAIGO Service will provide the place where that person can truly grow according to the career that they desired.

We support the utilization of foreign human resource, and smoothness in human resource.

Since the chronic shortage of human resources, securing talented people in the medical and welfare industries has become a big issue in Japan. We will dispatch all of our personally-trained human resource to Japan through foreign internship program. We aim to provide human resources that can practice high performance capability with skill of Japanese Language Proficiency Test N3 level, completed nursing staff first-person training, familiarized with business manners, culture and common sense in Japan. We will only dispatch interns who have completed the final human skill test which match to the needs of the local site.

In order to respond to the needs of utilizing overseas talents which is expected to increase even more in the future, we will thoroughly support the hosting companies in hiring. We follow up and share know-how in 100% utilizing and handling overseas talents including from procedures for accepting overseas talents to setting up the work site and how to respond when they have a problem.

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