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Company Profile

Company Profile

Location No. 82-(A), Room-502, 5th floor, Treasure Residence, Sayar San Lane, Bahan Township, Yangon, The Republic of the Union of Myanmar
Representative Representative Aung Lin Htin
Establishment July 22, 2015
Capital US$ 50,000
Officer Hideaki Nakamoto Chairman of the Board
Thomas Kyaw Min Htin Director
Sentaro Yamaguchi Director
Business Contents Personnel Service Business,Long-Term Care Service Business,Education Business
Phone Number +95-9-89900 7773, +95-9-89900 7774
Fax Number (951)382530

Affiliated companies


Established in 2001 and becoming one of the top travel company in Myanmar. Set up an office in Myanmar's largest city, Yangon, actively conducting overseas expansion business not only for domestic market but also for Japan and Europe tourists. The number of customers exceeds 4,000 people per year, and from the quality service, it was awarded by the Myanmar Hotel Tourism Ministry as "Best Tourism Performance Award in 2012". Actively engaged in social contribution projects through organizing tree-planting festivals in Myanmar. Had a great track record in business with Japanese companies, including establishing "JTB Polestar" company, which is a joint venture company with Japanese major travel agency JTB.

Sakura Community Service Co., Ltd.

The company is working on solving problems in the medical and nursing care fields with the goal of making Japan's KAIGO (nursing care) become a global standard. Established in Hokkaido with a solid management foundation based on the three businesses pillar which are "Nursing Care Business", "Education Business" and "Human Resources Service Business". In addition to the business models that created these synergies, the undertaking overseas businesses including the operation of Polestar KAIGO Service and software development improves current nursing care work. In order to solve the problem of the aging society which is becoming a serious problem nowadays, established a business model that is not bound by the existing business framework.

Egao Ichiban Co., Ltd.

Located in Gifu Prefecture, Egao Ichiban Co., Ltd. with the motto of "The degree of care is lowered" ,thinks that the most important thing is to provide a new style of day service which centered on rehabilitation of lifestyle improvement. Being supported by the people in the region for providing one by one customized service based on the needs of customers such as rehabilitation from surgery, including orthopedic diseases (artificial joints and hernias). Currently, the facility occupancy rate exceeds 90%, and has extensive experience and know-how.

Polestar Auto Center

In 2016, acquired a license for sending foreign skills internship students in Myanmar. The company is looking for interns who can acquire the status of residence and have established a management system to send all of them safely. The company also conduct preliminary training in close collaboration with Japanese supervising organizations and send the interns according to the needs of enterprises. In order to provide higher quality practical training even after sending them, the company summarizes the utilized situation of acquired skills and follows up on internship program.

Better Life

Conducted partnership with a Japanese language school with strengths in education for interns in Yangon city. In the half year the company has conducted a training course for Japanese language proficiency test from N5 to N3 level, and prepared for the flow of sending interns smoothly. Not only do they provide N1 local lectures but also native Japanese supporters in addition to sharing about native culture and manner in working.

PST Construction

Jewel Palace Trading

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