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Our vision


KAIGO and Myanmar

Polestar KAIGO Service was founded in Myanmar 2015 in order to solve the aging problem throughout Asia. Myanmar is attracting attention from all over the world by present rapid democratization policy and economic growth. However, when establishing a company, not only investment based on the boom and economic interest of the country is important, but also how to contribute to the society. The job called Kaigo that supports people is exactly the work which is currently needed in Asia and the philosophy of "virtuous culture" rooted in the people of Myanmar matches Kaigo work. If we can transfer the high technology of Japan to Myanmar, we will be able to create the greatest value for society.

KAIGO will support the world

It is already known worldwide that the aging society in Japan is getting severe. However, along with economic development, aging is a challenge that will occur not only in Japan but also in all countries, especially in Asia with high progressing rate countries like China, Korea and Singapore. The know-how that Japan has been establishing so far is indeed needed worldwide. If it is possible to increase workers with the quality of Japanese KAIGO's in Myanmar, where the human resources are much abundant compared to other countries, it will be a clue to various problems not only in Japan but also in every country. We believe that our business is indispensable for supporting the future world.

Board of Director

Hideaki Nakamoto Chairman of the Board

Sakura Community Service Co., Ltd. Representative Director. In Hokkaido, , the company is developing nursing care and welfare education and training projects, running the elderly group homes and developing temporary staffing service business. Currently serving as the president of KAIGO Support Center, a non-profit organization, strives to improve the quality of nursing care and medical care sites by dispatching lecturers to nursing care, welfare and medical institutions, trainings and seminars, etc. In 2015, graduated the Otaru University of Commerce, entrepreneurship major. In 2016, appointed as Chairman of Polestar KAIGO Service

Director Sentaro Yamaguchi

Egao Ichiban Co., Ltd. Representative Director. Widely deployment mainly in Gifu Prefecture, including day service • bone clinic • nursing care consultation • visiting nursing •and soccer classroom. The operation of Day Service boasts an operation rate of 90% or more in all facilities and gains great trust from the area. Regarding the Orthopedic Clinic, with more than 15 years of trainee history in the local college rugby department, he is good at sports injuries and obstacles.


The reason why KAIGO is needed worldwide


Aging issue is continuing worldwide

Today, aging issue grows along with the economic growth in all of countries. In Japan and other countries such as Thailand and Singapore, the aging rate is estimated to exceed 20% in 2020, and human resources supporting elderly people are decreasing worldwide. Talents who learned Japanese nursing care will be able to work not only in Myanmar but also anywhere in the world. In order to realize a society where elderly people can live with peace of mind, the world needs KAIGO by Myanmar people.


Overwhelming economic grows

Due to democratization and remarkable economic growth, foreign companies' expectations for Myanmar are expanding. In order to train human resources to support economic growth and create new employment, we propose a work called nursing care. With these rapid growth, signs of aging are beginning to appear in Myanmar as well, and it is necessary to gradually improve the nursing care infrastructure. The nursing care technology cultivated in Japan can guarantee the technology for taking care of domestic and international care in Myanmar and can be the basis for supporting economic growth


Sophisticated culture / national character

The sophisticated culture and national character in Myanmar Buddhism is said to be a very friendly and courteous culture even from a global perspective. Indeed, the work of nursing that supports people is in harmony with that culture of Myanmar. The provision of services harmonized with these cultures will enable elderly people using the service to live with peace of mind and create a rich society where people can support each other

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