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We will utilize the foreign internship system to dispatch KAIGO human resources from Myanmar to Japan to conduct a developing program. Our company has educational institution in both Myanmar and Japan that will support students from both sides in both work and life so that the interns can work with peace of mind.

Human Resource developing with a combination of the cultivated skill from Japan business and local needs

Since Polestar KAIGO Service was established through a joint venture of three Japanese companies, we have an accumulated skill and knowledge of KAIGO that could overwhelm competitors.In Japan, we are not only developing the technology and knowledge internally, but also through our educational institutions "Japan Welfare Academy",we share it for the purpose of developing KAIGO human resources in Japan and the world. In order to communicate this know-how to Myanmar interns, we developed instructional curriculum in collaboration with Myanmar Local Japanese Language School "Better Life". We have prepared a system to learn Japanese and KAIGO efficiently in both countries.

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